WTJ Pre-dreadnought Japanese ships



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1/1250, 1/1800


Mikasa Battleship, Shikishima Battleship, Asahi Battleship, Fuji Battleship, Fuso 1900 Battleship, Chin Yen Battleship, Katori Battleship, Kashima Battleship, Asama Coastal Battleship, Idzumo Coastal Battleship, Yakumo Coastal Battleship, Kasuga Coastal Battleship, Nisshin Coastal Battleship, Chiyoda Coastal Battleship, Kasagi Protected Cruiser, Takasago Protected Cruiser, Suma Protected Cruiser, Akashi Protected Cruiser, DD#1 Murakamo Cl Destroyer, DD#2A Shirakumo Cl Destroyer, DD#2B Ikazuchi and Akatsuki Cl Destroyer, Hashidate Protected Cruiser, Itsukushima Protected Cruiser, Matsushima Protected Cruiser


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