Vietnam War


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3D Breed Miniatures are printed so they match the look of Foundry figures in heft.

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22mm, 28mm, 15mm


US Army Platoon, US Army wpns Support, US Army Command, US Army Stretcher bearers, US Army Special Forces, US Army Colonel and Surfers, US Army M60 teams, US casualties, USMC Platoon, USMC wpns support, USMC Command, USMC Engineers, NVA Platoon, NVA weapons support, NVA Command, Viet Cong Platoon, Viet Cong weapons support, Viet Cong Command, ONTOS, M48 Patton, M113, PBR 31 Patrol Boat, Vietnamese Village I USMC infantry squad, NVA Infantry squad, Viet Cong infantry squad, US Army infantry squad, USMC Infantry squad


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